Sunday, April 10, 2011

First Communion

My youngest sister, Maggie, just recieved first communion today. I made the veil she wore, including kanzashi flowers for the head band. Took forever, but she looked adorable. I'll post some more pics when I find my other camera.

Kanzashi veil.The veil detaches from the headband.  I love trying new flowers.

Veil. It's almost as long as the dress. The hemming took hours.

Kanzashi Butterfly Pin. Butterflies are so much fun to make!

Maggie. She's the one in the middle of the front row.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Funeral Blues

So today I went to my grandfather's funeral; or I would have if I hadn't gotten hopelessly lost driving a twelve passenger van with five screaming yahoos (I mean five adorably well behaved younger siblings) in the back down a windey little road system. I pulled into the funeral home three and a half hours after I left home; just as the funeral ended.  The good news is I will never get lost taking the new route to Grandma's. The bad news is that half my mother's family now thinks I'm an incompetent moron.

Friday, April 8, 2011

New Blog

I've been told countless times I should start my own blog. Now that I've started it I'll promptly forget it, I'm sure; or have nothing to say for months. However, now my mother will have a place to nag me about putting up pictures of things I've made or done, so it's all good. Might even post something useful, or at least interesting.