Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Last Rose of Summer

Summer is officially over, and yet my rose bush has decided to re-bloom. It usually blooms in the spring, so maybe the cool weather we're getting has something to do with it.

Last Rose of Summer

Pink and Black Yukata and Obi

Plus this pink yukata and black obi set are finished and in the mail. I hope it gets to her before the 27th^^

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Maggie's Birthday

Maggie's now nine years old. One sleepover and a birthday cake later and shes good to go

Flower Cake

Just in case you are curious, the cake is made of a pink lemonade round cut into sixths. Five for the petals, and the last cut into leave shapes^^

Saturday, September 8, 2012

MCAT, I dislike you somewhat.....

Yesterday I took the MCAT test. For those that aren't familiar with USA testing acronyms, it's the medical college entrance exam. I had to drive all the way to Memphis ( a 3 1/2 hour drive) take the test (5 1/2 hours) and drive home. Scary. But it's one more step to my medical degree. I only hope I did well^^

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shibori Tie- dye.

So, my latest children's yukata order is made of this lovely faux-shibori.

Rainbow Shibori Yukata

What is shibori? Shibori is a Japanese tie-dying technique, typically done in blues on white, but other colors are also used on occasion. This is not your 'I made a rainbow t-shirt at camp' kind of tie dye though. The fabric I used doesn't look like tie dye at all, does it? Well, it's not, because it's fake shibori made through fabric printing. However, it could be made through shibori methods. Each dot would be tied off to prevent the fabric from absorbing dye. Really good shibori can have thousands of tiny little dots, each tied off separately to produce patterns and motifs. Varying the sizes and shapes of the tied off areas make different designs, square and round shapes being the most common in shibori. At one point kimono made with certain patterns of shibori dying were considered as formal as a tuxedo in western Europe, because it could take weeks of work making all of those tiny dots!

If you would like to see pictures of someone's modern shibori work, or you live in California and are interested in learning how to make your own, visit Susan O'Fennell at Oriba Shibori She also has some cool links on her blog as well^^