Tuesday, February 14, 2012

St Valentine's Day

So for St. Valentine's day I made all my sister's hair pin kanzashi. My brother Robert and I made one for mom as well. I made up a new recipe for linguini using chicken, tomatoes, and king oyster mushrooms. They really do taste like oysters. A little cheese, some spices and pesto sauce and it was ready to go. Of course for dessert we had chocolate.(^.^)

Holly's hair pin kanzashi. I still think I should have painted a little white something on the middle bead.

Maggie's hair pin kanzashi, plus one for her doll. The big one looks longer than it really is; I have no idea why the photo came out this way


  1. It's a traditional pin. I'm glad that you are interested it.

  2. Hey, my first comment since my blog got erased. I'm glad you liked them!