Friday, April 27, 2012

Mulberry Trees

Today I learned that the tree growing in front of my window (which I have been trying to kill for ages but just won't die) is a black mulberry. Black mulberries are a cultivated form of the mulberry tree, and are not wild fruit trees like other mulberries. They are rather rare in my state, so I had never seen a black mulberry before. Now that I know what it is it's no wonder I can't get rid of it; mulberry trees are almost impossible to kill. If it were anywhere else I would leave it alone, I don't like cutting down healthy trees, but it is so close to the house it's digging into the foundation. Since I now know it won't get any bigger root wise maybe I can figure out a way to live with the thing attacking my house. Now what I want to know is why the previous home owner thought it would be a good idea to plant the poor tree up against a wall. It certainly didn't put itself there.

Black Mulberry Tree

See the poor thing? Why would you plant a tree like that? Yeah, you can pick the berries from the dining room, but still...

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