Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me....

Today was my birthday. Odd things happen on my birthday; odd smells from the kitchen, getting trapped in my room for a couple hours so the littles can 'decorate', bizarrely creative presents such as tissue paper dolls. I got a lemon layer/caramel frosting/fudge layer cake. Kind of an odd combo, but it's I ate it!

Maggie and I also made pie. A tiny, one person pie, out of a single apple.
1) cut off top of apple, then hollow it out. I used a grapefruit spoon^^
2, cut up apple bits, leaving shell and top intact.Put apple shell in muffin liner.
3, mix bits in a cereal bowl with a teaspoon of honey and some apple pie spice
4, stuff the hollowed apple shell with the bits, put top back on, and rinse the bowl
5, add a quarter cup of flour and about a tablespoon of butter to the bowl, mixing until crumbly. Add a bit of water, until it becomes a ball. Flatten it out and plop it on top. Put the whole thing on a pan. bake at 350 F until brown. Cool and eat warm^^

The apple pie shell.feel free to trash any seeds and stems. Yuck!

The finished mini pie. Not the prettiest, but hey, it's just going to get eaten. And how did it taste, you ask? I have no idea; Maggie ate it all before I could get any. She claims it tasted like pie, so I'm going to go with that.

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  1. Happy Birthday. Making food together is always very fun.
    I'm sure that you enjoyed a lot.