Friday, March 9, 2012

Mori-chan's garden

Today was a busy day. I am fixing the walls in Rosie and Maggie's bedroom. After I pulled the old wallpaper down it revealed a kakki and cream colored paneling. Yikes. Now I will plaster the snot out of the walls and paint them. After lunch I took this picture of violets growing in my back yard;

Then I finished this new tsumami kanzashi;

I guess they are ume (plum) blossoms, but I just wanted a red kanzashi to go with my yukata. The bell on flower fall is about the size of a green pea. The flowers on the main part of the kanzashi are about the size of a quarter. Just in case you were wondering...


  1. It's really beautiful. I like ume which I can see it from my window.

    1. Thanks. I think I will make some leaf kanzashi next^^