Friday, March 2, 2012


Today is looking rather unpleasant. There are thunderstorms, and there are supposed to be tornadoes this afternoon. Some of my friends have had hail. The fact that it is sunny and warm just makes it worse. Just because I live in tornado alley doesn't make me like them very much. Last year the area where my mother works was almost completely flattened in places. Several people died, and the nuclear power plant she works at had to be shut down. Power was out for over a week in some places. There are still roofs missing and buildings flattened. You can even see telephone poles wrapped up like a pretzel! Anybody in or around Tennessee needs to watch out and find shelter soon.

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  1. No worries; we are still here and no significant damage around the house. There are few branches down, andwe ended uo staying up late to make sure the storms were over. Hope everyone else is ok!