Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Vacation 1

What do you get when you stuff most of the clan into the bus and go on vacation? I have no idea, but you know it's going to involve noise. And whining. Messes too, for that matter.

Road Trip in the Short Bus^^

Road trip on the short bus^^

Tornado Damage in Southern Alabama

Some tornado damage in Southern Alabama. See how the trees are lopsided and missing most of their branches? Last year's tornadoes ripped them clean off. Living in Tornado alley can be scary. And I am not looking forwards to all the work that needs to be done at our house. A whole section of fence was smashed by some huge branches, and there are trees down in the back yard. Grrr. At least no one was hurt, and nothing hit the house. But for now, it's time for a vacation adventure^^

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