Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Vacation 7

And home we head. Back through Texas, to Louisiana today.

San Jacinto Monument, La Porte Texas

We visited the San Jacinto Monument in La Port, Texas; the tallest monument tower in the US. When Texas got permission to build it, the state was told not to have it any taller than the Washington monument in Washington DC. So they built it the exact same height, and then put a giant star on top. Sneaky, right?
The monument was built to commemorate the battle that lead to Texas becoming it's own country, and later a US state. The battle is also directly responsible for much of the southwestern states joining the USA.

Vintage Tatting, La Porte TX

This is an example of some beautiful tatting work. I hope my tatting will look this good some day. Done in thread weight floss.

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