Monday, May 7, 2012

New Etsy store!

So, I finally decided to set up my Etsy store. I've already been favorited by people I don't know! Seriously though, I'm kinda exited about it. So go over to Mori-chan's Garden and check it out!

Maggie and her doll; in yukata!

Maggie, my latest fashion model! Isn't she cute in her yukata?

Angry bird earrings

Angry bird earrings are at my shop too!


  1. Your sister is very cute and Etsy store is very interesting. If I have interesting things which many people want, I would like to sell them. Now, I'm not sure what other people want to buy Japanese things.

    1. I don't Coco; it's hard to get good Japanese things here, even with the J-town area in Huntsville and Nashville. Most of the stuff there are either imported food or novelty items, and one only needs so many Hello Kitty-chan keychains^^

    2. I see. I thought that you can buy Japanese things via internet site like ebay.

      I can buy Hello Kitty-chan keychains easily. If you want to some of them, I'll send you them. :)