Thursday, May 17, 2012

William, The RA

So yesterday, I dropped William back off at Tech. What's this, I didn't post when I picked him up? Well, since he doesn't teleport that I know of, somebody had to have got him. And I did, two weeks ago, right between the tiny fish and Cinderella. He lurked the house for two weeks, and I didn't say a word on here.
So now he is getting his own post, for no other reason than he may just have the cushiest summer job he'll ever get; grand boss dude of the rich kid's dorm. Basically, he gets to keep an eye out on a dorm full of high-school cheerleaders and rich college students all summer. Obviously there's more to the job than that, but getting paid to stay in a HUGE dorm room and make sure mister "dad pays my tuition and dorm fees" doesn't have his rock music up too loud, or the cheerleader camp goers don't wander into the guys floor, doesn't sound like a bad job at all. He may say otherwise later, but right now he's pretty stoked.

His home away from home for the next couple months^^

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