Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Recycling and Other News Part 2

Today I finished the recycled yarn project. It ended up being a shawl/wrap, but Maggie still thinks it's a baby blanket. I guess you could use it as one, but since there are no babies here I don't see why we will.

Recycled Yarn Project 2

Also, my pond is so cover in pond pads you could walk across it with out getting one's feet wet. To bad they don't have pretty flowers like lotus or water lilies. I'm not sure you can eat them either...

Pond of Pond Pads

I'm also thinking about teaching a crochet class. What do you think?


  1. I think teaching a crochet class is a good idea! Where would you do it and how much would you charge? I've thought of doing sewing lessons out of my home. Sorta like doing piano lessons lol

    1. I've got a great dining room with a ton of windows. I'm not sure how much I'd charge yet; I at least need to cover materials, plus a little for my time...

  2. I would do like $20 an hour. At least in my area that's what I'd charge :)